Time To Diet

Afternoon Tea at Pleasanton Hotel, Celebrating my friend, Kathleen's Birthday, December 8th
This is ridiculous! For a grown woman, I have shown no willpower over the past month, eating anything offered to me by anyone at any occasion! This is just a small sample of the things I have been eating in December. That's it. I am going on a diet starting immediately.


Chakameh Azimpour said...

Don't worry about diet dear. Just enjoy them as long as you can :-)

Miz BoheMia said...

Oh I am so laughing at this! I am a yoga teacher and pretty fit though love handles have most definitely crept into my now-needs-to-be-leaner physique as I have found myself totally lacking in willpower this holiday season!

By the way, I found you a while back via Iranian blogs (that I googled whilst looking up info on Ross Mirkarimi whom I have had the good fortune to meet) and finally have had a moment to pop in...

Back to dieting... abstaining from unhealthy sugars, fats and carbs should do the trick... simply doing that you'll be back to normal in no time! Now if only I could listen to my own advice! :-)

Shahrzad said...

I am a civil engineer, 23. I left Iran 10 years ago. Sometimes I am free at work and so I spend sometime reading weblogs. Honestly, dear Nazi Khanoom your weblog is among the rare weblogs attracting me so much. It is so profound and interesting! I am so glad and proud I could find it.

Nazy said...

Oh, Chakameh Jan, "enjoying" has been the death of me! No more enjoying! It's time to suffer! I need to lose 15 pounds to start. I have other pictures of the things I have been eating, too, and if I showed them to you, you would know the eating binges I have been on! No more. I'm stopping this now. I will report of my progress (if any)!

Nazy said...

Dear Miz Bohemia:

Thank you so much for coming, for reading, and for leaving me that thoughtful comment. Actually, I have even been considering yoga to do something about myself! I have alway been peacefully overweight, but this is not peaceful for me at all!

It's fascinating how you found me! I met Ross Mirkarimi at the Internet Confernce in September. He is a very interesting man. He told us that though he had had no contact with his Iranian heritage, that he had tried to learn and appreciate that heritage in his adult life. He said he was surprised, though, by Iranians who walked up to him and said "I think we are related," or Iranian ladies who would tell him "Are you married? I would like to introduce you to a wonderful Iranian girl!"

When I went to the Beyond Persia concert in San Francisco in December, I was outside with my fiends when he was dropped off on the curb, carrying a courrier bag in a sling, and wearing no tie, looking like some young office worker going home! He was surprised when I recognized him and introduced him to the other Iranians in attendance. He is a warm and intelligent man (and that voice is so very unusual, so gripping). He knows Mehran, Ala Hazrat Haj Agha, quite well.

If I get invited to San Francisco City Hall's Nowrooz celebrations this year, and if you live in this area, I should hope to be able to meet you then.

Thanks again for coming and for your much-needed kind advice. Happy New Year.

Nazy said...

Shahrzad Joonam:

Another engineer! Boy, it never ceases to surprise me how many young engineers read me! Thank you for telling us something about yourself. I am honored you like visiting my humble blog. This is the funnest thing I have continually done in recent years, so instantly gratifying when I see people come and read my scribblings. Thank you for coming and come again.

Assal said...

Right now, as I am reading your blog, my tummy is full of self-made chinese food and I am warming Costco cinnamon buns in the oven to eat with my tea..lol

They say you shouldn't eat anything after seven p.m. I guess I'm in trouble!

! said...

نازی جونم سلام
بابا بی خیال !!!! آدم باید راحت باشه !
take it easy azizam !
I think I should go on diet one day , but surelly not right now ...
راستی قرار شده بود تو ورزش رو پیگیری کنی چی شد یهیهو ! اینوری شدی ؟؟؟

masoud said...

سلام نازی خانم
می خوای رژیم بگیری؟چرا؟
بادمجان بم آفت نداره(بلا تشبیه البته)سالم و تندرست باشی

Marzieh said...

سلام نازی جونم

عکس رو که دیدم گفتم آخی جانننننننن
عزیزم تو چرا ؟

به نظر خیلی خوش تیپ آمدی!!
جدی میگم. گمان نکنم اضافه وزنت انقدر که میگی جدی باشه
کم کم باید به رژیم گرفتن عادت کرد
جوری که آدم حالیش نشه گفتنشبه نظرم کار رو سخت تر می کنه.
عکسم رو برات می دم ببینی وضعم چقدر خرابه!! :ِD or :((

bijan said...

Hi Nazy! Thank you for visiting my blog too. You are right about Richard Harris. He is before my time too. But I do remember him in some of his most recent ones & I bet you have seen him too. How about Gladiator with Russell Crowe (2000)or Patriot Games with Harrison Ford? I I f not I highly recommend them. You should see the Gladiator. That movie won 5 Academy Awards including the best picture.

Nazy said...


It's not fair! I'm starving and you are teasing me! Have some compassion, please!

Nazy said...

Salam Farshad Jan:

Hee Hee, I had to get into a suit, that's what happened! Until further notice, I am on a diet. I will exercise, too, but salads and vegetables will have to replace ghormeh sabzi, fesenjoon, ash reshteh, shirin-polo-ye-aroosi, koofteh, tah chin, sohan, gaz, pesteh, bamieh, ajil-e-shab-e-yalda, noon khamei, etc. etc. Now you see, Farshad Jan? When you get your family around to celebrate, all you do is eat, eat, and eat! I must stop now! I will let you know of my progress. Be good Uni-Far Jan.

Nazy said...

Salam Masoud Jan:

Yes, I have to diet now. Nobody can talk me out of it, as my mind is made up! Don't worry, I won't starve!

Nazy said...

Salam Marzieh Jan:

Pictures could be so deceiving! I am at least 20 pounds overweight, if not more! I need to get with the program here! Maybe we can all go on a diet and support each other through it. What do you say?

Nazy said...

Salam Bijan Jan:

Of course I have seen both Patriot Games and the Gladiator. You are right, Gladiator is truly a remarkable movie. I love the scene inside the stadium, where Maximus has to introduce himself to Ceasar, as he turns around and says his name and his background, revealing himself to Ceasar. I love Russel Crowe in that movie, and of course Richard Harris (khoda biamorz), and Joaquin Phoenix. Thanks for reminding me of it. I might go rent it this weekend and watch it again. Take care Bijan Jan.

jeerjeerak said...

Nazy joonam. Don't go cold turkey, now:) I've found the easier way to start a diet is to try to trick yourself with "healthy" substitutes. For example, eating a matchbox of raisins with a couple of raw almond when you crave a piece of pastry. or drinking a big glass of water when you're bored and find yourself opening the freege. after a while you'll find yourself liking those substitutes actually and craving less for unhealthy stuff.

! said...

نازی جونم سلام
ای بابا
چی بگم
اینقدر گفتین که من هم رفتم به سوی رژیم
البته دیشب هم دوباره 2.5 کیلومتر دیگه دویدم و کلی در استخر ورجه وورجه کردم !!!
خلاصه ، شام هم که تعطیل شد برای مدتی نا معلوم
البته عوضش امروز صبح صبحانه کله پاچه ی مفصلی خوردم و جای همه رو خالی کردم !!!!
عجب رژیمی
مثل جمهوری اس..ی می مونه !!!!

Nazy said...

Afarin Bar Farshad! I don't know about that Kaleh Pacheh, though! I suppose taking it easy on starting a new diet is the key to sustaining your effort. So, for your first day on your diet it might be O.K.! Let me know how it goes. I am hopeless, as I went to another dinner with my family tonight and cheated again. Yikes!

! said...

نازی جونم سلام
اگه الان جواب این نوشتت رو می دم ببخشید بگذار به حساب اینترنت بد تا قبل از این !!
خوب راستش رو بخوای رژیم که قبلا کاملا جمهو...اس ... بوده تبدیل شده به نیمه اسلامی و این بدین معنی است که قدری جدی تر شده
دیروز هم باز رفته بودم استخر و کلی ورزش کردم و باز هم 2.5 کیلومتر دویدم و سعی دارم این قضیه رو که هم اکنون 2 روز در هفته است به سه روز افزایش بدم...
ضمنا داخل خونه هم قرار شد هر روز 2.5
کیلومتر روی تردمیل بدوم
شام تعطیل است
امروز که البته استثنا نهار هم تعطیل شد !!!!
خوب فعلا که تلاش می کنیم !!!

Nazy said...

Afarin Bar Farshad! I'm so delighted you are exercising. I miss running on a treadmill. When I used to run on it for 45 minutes regularly, I was so much happier. I think I will look into buying one for my home and starting running (walking really really fast) again. Good tip. Best of luck.

! said...